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Fresh out of college in 1974, with loads of Liberal Arts credentials in my backpack, I was ready to embark on a career. Having taken numerous courses in things like Philosophy, Art, Geography, and Wine Tasting meant having a blast in college. Unfortunately, it also meant being unprepared to become an Engineer, Scientist, Cab Driver, or Plumber.

Growing up in and around Chicago, my father was a Building Contractor. Inadvertently, I had picked up some of his practical skills, especially a feeling and love for wood. The idea of being my own boss definitely had a certain appeal.

Back in college, I had worked in an antique furniture store. After just a few months my employer's presence became scarce, showing up occasionally to count the money. I thought, "Hey, I can do this myself and make all the dinero"...I was young, you see.

Being in the right place (California), at the right time has its advantages. The 1970's were the beginning of an antique craze that has flourished to this day. I borrowed $3000. from my Dad and opened a store. I worked real hard mostly, bought, sold, and restored antique and vintage furniture and became quite successful.

Our employees are all long-term...Mario - 25 years, Tony - 20 years, and my consultants, Jen - 20 years, and Pat - 25 years. We're a big, happy family...without the dysfunction!

All these years later, I still love the business. Age, maturity, a loving wife, and straight forward practices pays off. Of course, some say the same of philandering...but not me.

Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to stop by our exceptional store. 

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